About Me

I am originally from west central Scotland - I grew up in Airdrie, Lanarkshire and studied at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. In 1993 my career took me to the north-east of Scotland which is where I now call home.

Since being introduced to the hills in 1990 I have spent much of my free time in the outdoors, almost always with a camera in my backpack. I have a large collection of photographs and slides from walking and climbing trips, taken while travelling light and fast with an SLR and just a single lens in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, the Swiss and Italian Alps, and the National Parks of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California.

Gradually though the photography has come to dominate and in 2010 I decided to apply myself more seriously with the aim of making properly-crafted landscape images; the results can be seen on this website.

At Fionnphort, on the Ross of Mull, October 2014 (photo taken by my daughter, Mhairi!)
At Fionnphort on the Ross of Mull, October 2014. Photograph taken by my daughter, Mhairi!